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About Ruei Chun Company
- We abide by tradition so that you can enjoy the flavor! -

These days it is probably easier to find a good bottle of wine than a good bottle of soy sauce! However finding a ‘premium’ soy sauce which has its roots firmly held in traditional making can require even more efforts.

In the small town of Siluo, located in the Yunlin county of central Tawian, which is well known for it’s soy sauce produce due to the sunny weather and pure water condition.

      It was noted that during the Japanese colonial period when ‘Uncle soy sauce’, the first generation owner Mr.Zhong,Qin used to open his soy sauce urns it would draw the crowds from afar! Ruei Chun Sauce Co. was established in 1921. The authentic flavor of all products have been continuing to gain praise for over 80 years history due to its insistence on using traditional brewing methods and have been passed from second generation Mr. Zhong, Gong to third generation Mr. Zhong, Zhu-Hong now.
      Ruei Chun soy sauce is produced through 100% traditional homemade process. We carefully select the best quality black beans as the main base of ingredients at the very beginning to contribute even more aroma fragrance and nutrition than soya beans. The soy sauce is naturally aging in giant pottery urns under the sun over 120 days. The raw soy sauce is separated by pressing it through layers of filtration cloth in the long run and then derived into 2 types of products: soy sauce & soy paste. Soy paste is made by adding one of the local famous farm produce -Glutinous Rice to gain a thick texture and additional flavors for pouring on food.
      Ruei Chun soy sauce and paste are high in quality and purity making it ideal for a table condiment & dipping sauce to provide an additional flavorful contribution.
      Also, you will find NO preservatives in our soy sauce & paste series products!
     In fact according to the ‘Bureau of standards, metrology and inspection’:-CNS423, the characters of “Class A” Soy sauce are: Having color and flavor characteristic of excellent soy sauce produced by fermentation; no off-flavor; no off-odor; Determination of Total Nitrogen content (g/100ml) not less than 1.2(applies in black bean soy sauce). ‘
      Ruei Chun offers several soy sauce & soy paste variations determined by the consistency of raw soy sauce to distinguish the grades & market prices.
      All the items of Ruei Chun soy sauce & soy paste have been examined and surpass the “Class A” standard with honor by 'Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection'. 
      We are grateful that Ruei Chun keep gaining the praise and support by all among the consumers and mass media in Taiwan owing to Ruei Chun soy sauce’s authentic flavor have been well preserved and playing a very important role on the table in most families.  We are also looking forward to seeking partners throughout the world and can not wait to share natural soy sauce flavor to all.
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